• Control Panel - human factors game

    A short interactive team game for human factors trainers and facilitators to introduce human factors concepts


  • Oswald survey

    An innovative interactive survey tool designed for 'live' feedback using 'Spider Sliders'


  • Learning Sprints quiz game

    Interactive team quiz game covering a variety of business psychology topics



Training is changing. Participant engagement has always been important but with more and more training taking place online it is even more critical. When participants are passively listening to training online they are unlikely to be able to concentrate for long or remember training content. This is a real issue leading to time, money and effort being wasted.

At Caspian Psychology we provide and develop Psychology related games and products that actively engage participants. We have solutions for online webinar and face to face training.

Our games are designed to be memorable experiences which help participants retain information. They are always designed around meeting clear learning objectives which means no more wasting time on innefective training.

We develop interactive games and products that engage people in the content and create lively group dynamics and discussion which means no more worrying about death by slides.

When we develop games for clients we apply our research expertise to partner with you and immerse ourselves in your world which means learning experiences are be-spoke, well thought through and credible.

We combine our unique mix of experience in research, psychology (registered with Health and Care Professions Council), IT and games development to create engaging learning experiences. We have a range of expert partners meaning we can tackle a wide range of projects.

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of training participants said they learnt more using our games than traditional training (n=76)

Our ‘webinar-friendly’ team games

*these games can also be used effectively during face-to-face training

    Oswald is an online survey tool which is built around 'spider sliders' - an interactive and effective way of getting feedback.
  • Learning Sprints
    Learning Sprints is a psychology quiz game. The game covers topics such as psychological safety, psychological health, human factors and cognitive biases.
  • ScenarioQ
    ScenarioQ is a versatile scenarios quiz game that can be played over webinar and adapted to your content.
  • Control Panel
    Control Panel is an interactive team game that introduces and demonstrates the impact of contextual factors such as design and distraction on human performance.
  • Mosaic Tasks
    Mosaic Tasks is a groundbreaking personality assessment using online tasks.


of training participants found our games more enjoyable than traditional training (n=128)

Our ‘face to face’ only team games

  • Fill It Up
    Fill It Up is a team game that introduces delegates to bowtie analysis and the importance of maintaining barriers.
  • Rogue Agent
    This game develops knowledge and skills linked with Situational Awareness.
  • Driving Culture
    An interactive team game that build awareness and skills about the crucially important topic of psychological safety.

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