Discussing Gamification with Sonni Gopal

Our director Johnny had an enjoyable time talking about gamification in a session hosted by Sonni Gopal and Gemma Hallifield.

Johnny shared some concerns about the training (via online methods) going forward particularly the need to stay connected and learn through discussing & doing.

The group played a new game we (Caspian) are working on called Learning Sprints (https://www.caspianpsychology.com/product/learning-sprints/) which wil be available as a beta version soon and is aimed at supporting engaging learning as a team over webinars. (shown in the video). We hope you enjoy!

You can sign up to Sonni’s ‘RedRisks’ youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoNUKGXPhacBb_uxQzUbIQA

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