• This picture show a man deep in discussion during the Grand Prix game..
  • This picture shows a man concentrating on building a car out of knex pieces. He is wearing gloves and 3d glasses.
  • This shows a man pointing at something they have seen.
  • This picture depicts two men pricing out their design.

Games that work, for work|Fun and immersive|Retain more information than traditional training methods|Digital and non-digital games|Games aimed at teams and individuals|Based on the latest research|Bespoke games to meet your learning objectives

We combine our expertise in Human Factors, Psychology and games design to deliver a unique and engaging learning experience. Key components of our approach include:

We base all our games on the latest research and keep our focus on client objectives.

All our games are engaging, fun and usually involve some healthy competition.

Our games use the dynamics of the team to achieve learning objectives.

We use digital and non-digital methods in our games. Whichever does the job best!



We offer 3 different services 1) OUR GAMES/ACTIVITIES which can be purchased/licensed (some require training) and incorporated into your own training 2) BESPOKE GAME DESIGN where we develop games and training to fit your learning objectives 3) GAMES DELIVERY where our consultants deliver training using any of our games. Find out more using the links below.


It is generally accepted that people retain more information when they experience and get actively involved in something rather than just passively hearing or seeing something (see the Cone of Experience by Edgar Dale below).  Our games fully engage participants in a fun activity but with rules and events that elicit the key learning objectives. We believe that this method of training will significantly enhance the amount participants retain.

To ensure the game that is being developed is effective there are a number of principles to consider. Read a full review here in our IOSH article.

This diagram shows the work of Edgar Dale who's research found that more active forms of communication are more effective.

In a 2018 client survey we asked how our games compared to traditional powerpoint training. 

Percentage of people who found our games Grand Prix and Fill It Up more enjoyable than traditional powerpoint training. (n=128)


Percentage of people who found they gained more learning from our games Grand Prix and Fill It Up over traditional powerpoint training. (n=76)



  • Fully engages participants.
  • Experience, observe and reflect on behaviours.
  • Introduces team dynamics and discussion.
  • Easily integrate the learning of new skills as part of a game.
  • Memorable activity


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