Grand Prix

A highly interactive, exciting and competitive game that involves two or more teams designing, branding and racing a model car. This game covers many key behaviours relating to safety culture such as the importance of speaking up, managers engaging with the workforce, deference to expertise, effective decision making, communication and teamwork.

The Basics

  • Groups between 5 – 14 people (best with 10 – 14 people).
  • Aimed at any groups that would find it beneficial to understand important behaviours such as good listening, communication, effective decision making and providing clear guidance.
  • Takes 60 minutes (plus review)


  • Two teams will be tasked with designing, branding and racing a model car.
  • There are specific roles, restrictions and instructions given to different members of the group to illustrate key learning objectives.
  • The team will have to work together and make effective decisions to achieve the goal.

Aims & Objectives

  • Emphasises the key behaviours of managers, supervisors and workers required to work successfully together.
  • Illustrates the need for managers to understand the issues employees are facing, harness their knowledge and encourage feedback from them.
  • Emphasises that employees and supervisors need to report issues upwards in a timely manner.
  • Provides an understanding of the impact of making strategic decisions in a timely manner and the impact on others.
  • Creates an appreciation of the importance of providing clear procedures and standards.
  • Demonstrates the impact of good communication and the best means of doing this.
  • Emphasises the need to challenge and not make assumptions about what others know.