Rogue Agent

A highly engaging and fun activity where teams have to solve clues and complete tasks in order to break into the computer of a rogue agent. This highly portable game is a great way to highlight the importance of effective safe communications, managing risk, team-work, avoiding bias and inattentional blindness. In addition, it can be a great way to encourage healthy team competition!

The Basics

  • Groups up to 6.
  • Highly portable and easy to set-up.
  • Aimed at any team/company that wishes to build team cohesiveness and improve communications.
  • Takes up to 1 hour.


  • The group will be required to solve a series of clues and physical challenges in order to break into the rogue agents laptop and retrieve the secret code required to stop a cyber-attack.
  • Each challenge highlights a key learning area.
  • The team will need to work effectively to solve each clue.
  • A leader-board tracks team scores.

Aims & Objectives

  • Encourages effective team-working.
  • Emphasises the importance of 3-way communication.
  • Demonstrates the impact of cognitive bias and a fixed mindset.
  • Illustrates the impact of distractions and time pressure on performance.
  • Introduces human performance tools to reduce the likelihood of errors such as 3-way communication; peer checking; concurrent verification; job-site reviews and place-keeping.