We are experts in research design, psychological research, product development and other related areas which make us an ideal partner to support your business objectives.  

Research based assessments/studies

We provide research that helps you understand what is working and what is not.

You may have started a new initiative such as a change in working practices or introducing a new piece of equipment and want to understand the impact of the initiative. We can help you by setting up a rigorous research design that will let you understand what kind of an impact an initiative has made.

System changes to promote behaviours

We can help you improve the system in order to promote healthy and safe behaviours.

Using a combination of approaches such as the Theory of Planned Behaviour and nudge theory we can review the set-up of the work system to ensure it is encouraging safe and healthy choices. We can help you gather feedback on existing systems that will help identify weaknesses that may be promoting the wrong choices and provide clear guidance for improvement. Read our article on theories, nudges and personality here.

Supporting product development

We can support the development of valid and reliable tools for your business.

You may be developing a tool or questionnaire and are looking for robust psychological input. This may be to provide input and background on relevant Psychological research or to provide statistical support. We can partner with you to provide the support you need to develop your tool and develop the evidence you need.

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